FDL Synthetic Fire Service Gear


FDL Synthetic is a new spot on our website where you can get 100% Non-Leather variations of a lot of our very popular products.

All these products can be washed with soap and water, rubbed down with bleach, wet down , used and abused and nothing bad will happen to them, they are built to last .

All of our Synthetic items are a TPU Coated Webbing and are made either with Weaver Leather Brahma Webb or Biothane Coated Webbing. All connections are made with either Copper or Solid Brass Riveting and corrosion resistant smaller rivets. All hardware is either Solid Brass, Stainless Steel, or Painted Nickel .

All open ends where cuts have been made are heat sealed to preserve the bio-safe barrier

There is a push with a lot of Fire Chiefs to not allow leather items to be worn on duty or on an Emergency Scene due to the potential Bio-Hazard and Carcinogen holding possibilities of leather. As a die hard Leather guy its eye opening to see the direction things are going but we get it too, If your looking for non leather options for Radio Strap Sets, Duty Belts, Helmet chin Straps, Keepers, and more you've come to the right place.