Bunker Pants Tool Keeper

F.D. Leatherworks

Tired of ripping holes in your Bunker Pants from the tools you keep in there? 

The solution is a strong ,well made, Leather Tool Keeper that goes inside your pocket and keeps everything organized and in its place for easy accessibility...

All Tool Keepers are made with strong , weather resistant Latigo Leather ,Copper or Brass Rivets, and heavy Bonded Nylon Stitching, and is built to take a beating from every shift use and carry.

Tool Keepers are 9" tall x 6.5" wide..

Weight of the EMPTY Keeper is 0.2 ounces.....

Most Bunker Pants pockets are 10"x 10"

Available in Black and Brown..(Other colors possible , email for details)

Brass or Copper Rivets...Brass or Nickel Grommets for a rope handle ..

All Tool Keepers come with 2 grommet holes, finger grip handle, and a small d-ring for additional functionality

All Tool Keepers can be personalized within reason up to 5-6 letters horizontally or a few more vertically on the Tool Keeper Email if you have a special request.

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