Adjustable Cotton Face Cover

F.D. Leatherworks

Due to current events and public health, protecting ourselves and our loved ones is of the utmost importances. For the courtesy of others and those that we may come into contact with, it has been recommended that we wear face masks when we are out in public.

Each mask is made with a minimum of two pieces of fabric (either Cotton Blend or 100% cotton) and comes with elastic that allows the wearer to secure the mask to the face. The mask is meant to cover an individuals mouth and nose.

.. LIMITED QUANTITIES , Your Cart will be updated with the currently available amount at checkout if you order more than is available.

We will continue to refill the  inventory as long as the need and the materials last...

We will update the site when more masks are made..

All masks made by Briana..Mrs. FDL

Product Details:

Fabric - Cotton Blend Variety / Light Cotton Canvas

made with materials on hand and what were able to get  later on.. 

Color - Solid Color Exterior

Bungee with Slide - Black

Sizes ..Medium and Large

Care - Machine washable on cold and air dry

Each of our masks is handled with care and are ready to be worn. That being said, it is recommended that you wash or sanitize your mask prior to wearing to help maintain cleanliness and good hygiene. 

*DISCLAIMER - Due to the nature of this product, these products are non-refundable. FDL does notwarrant, maintain, insure, otherwise make a claim that use of this mask will eliminate any risk from pathogens. 

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